Will the Real Cate Decker Please Stand Up

Will the Real Cate Decker Please Stand Up

You know that game show where there is a panel on the stage and the contestant tries to identify the imposters? At the end they ask for the real whomever to please stand up. Let’s pretend that contestant is trying to figure out which of the three is the real Cate Decker. The contestant makes their guess and the three panelists all shuffle in their seats, each making motions as though they are the correct Cate Decker about to stand up. Then…in a surprise twist….TWO people stand up. What?! Yep, TWO.

The founders behind the Cate Decker brand are Catherine Sprunk (CATE) and Christina Decker (DECKER), two friends wanting to marry their passion for searching cool, niche brands and products with a desire to give upscale, unique gifts for any occasion…or no occasion at all.

The Box by Cate Decker serves as a one-stop shop where customers can return whenever they want to send a special gift, catering not only to retail consumers but also businesses such as wedding planners, realtors and philanthropic event planners to create custom corporate orders. The perfect products are selected to fit client needs/budget, and the box itself can be customized and branded with a logo or illustration.

Both Catherine and Christina come from entrepreneurial backgrounds. Catherine has a tremendous amount of general business experience from years running a family construction business. Her role included everything from daily operations and logistics to sales/marketing.

During her time living overseas, Christina co-founded a company called ethical muse- a start-up that became an influencer in the world of sustainable luxury. ethical muse designed unconventional corporate gifts made from sustainable materials for a new breed of client: the conscious corporation.

With her minimalistic yet sophisticated aesthetic, Cate Decker is hoping to be your go-to, whether you are looking for a birthday gift for your bestie or needing a larger order for VIP's or special event marketing.