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Rise and Shine with our morning gift, curated to contain the products listed below, along with a handwritten gift-card. Orders can take up to 3 days to process before shipping. No pricing information is included inside the gift box.

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Ceramic Travel Cup/Jarvis

Fill this double-walled porcelain cup with your favorite beverage to get your morning going in style. Too many cups in your kitchen? Simply remove the lid and let this beautify your vanity, doubling as the perfect container to hold your makeup brushes and essentials. 

Exfoliating Sugar Cubes/Harper+Ari Harper

The perfect way to make your skin shine. One cube exfoliates the entire body. To use: take a single cube into the bath or shower, break up in your hand first with a bit of water, and then gently massage over wet skin.

Honey and the Moon No.10 Shea Butter Lotion/Tokyo Milk

Fragrance notes: sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine and sandalwood

Moisture-rich shea butter and a delicious scent will have the office buzzing about your creamy, soft skin.

Jewelry Dish/Sweetwater Decor

The perfect over-night resting spot for your jewelry, this hand lettered, ceramic dish with gold foil design will add some shine to your nightstand or bathroom counter.

The Balm/Cate Decker Brand

This little tin of peppermint lip balm packs the most natural ingredients and pure essential oils to keep your lips soft and in perfect condition. We never go anywhere without it.

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